VC 101: Tame the Mythical Creatures


Thanks to some popular TV shows, everyone and their dog seems to have an idea of what the business of venture capital is. But can you really discern the zombies, unicorns and black swans from the lions, tigers and bears? Or are they all just a motley crew of mythological creatures and wild animals to you?

VC 101: Tame the Mythical Creatures is here to take you down the yellow brick road to meet Dawn Umlah, Innovacorp’s wizard of venture capital. In VC 101, you’ll learn:

· The different sources of capital for your start-up
· What venture capital (“VC”) is
· What the role of the venture capitalist is
· What’s in it for the VC
· How VC funds work
· The best way to approach VCs
· What to expect from the investment process
· What it all means to you




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