Canadians Needs to Stop Fighting Over Table Scraps


How can we as Canadians, in such a geographically expansive country extract similar value as the large, concentrated US ecosystems?  Can we as geography-based ecosystems thrive? How do we create the collisions, closeness and collaborations found in the enviable ~six block radius’ of our neighbors? We can’t, but we can adapt the model. First, we need a change of mentality in two key areas.

1. Nobody owes you anything

2. Stop fighting over table scraps

Stop thinking about what you are owed, the piece you “own” or what you can have your name attributed to. This is table scraps and short sighted. Instead, think of the longer term. Think of the feast you could be a part of.

Canadians need to collaborate, connect, break down the geographical barriers and increase syndication.


What do you think?








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  • jsell
    February 11, 2015

    It’s the difference between wanting a piece of the pie, and wanting to make the pie bigger. Canadians need to know that its OK to make the pie bigger. Nobody gets offended by the bigger pie, and there are pieces for everyone!

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