It’s impossible to know everything about everything


(originally posted November 8th, 2013 on WordPress hosted blog (gasp! Don’t judge, I’ve seen the light!))

While perusing Christine Tsai’s blog for research prior to an event I was attending, I came across this fantastic post of hers that I think we all need to read once in a while and to cut ourselves some slack. We can’t possibly know everything or be the best at everything. Her post is below:

“It’s impossible to know everything about everything.” [So don’t stress]

Charles Hudson said this to me when we met up for coffee in the early days of 500 Startups. To this day, it has stuck w/ me.

In the tech world, so much is going on. How many times have you had a conversation w/ someone that started out with, “Hey did you hear Company X just raised X?” or “Whoa, BigOldCo is in talks to acquire NewCo!” or “Neutron funding is the future of investments.” Sometimes your reaction is one of panic that you’re not “in the know”, and you feel self-conscious that you’re behind. NOOOOO!!!!

When this happens to me, I remind myself of Charles’ advice. Remember that there are plenty of things that you know well. For everything you don’t, turn it into an opportunity to learn.

Thank you for sharing Christine!

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