I come from a long line of hard-working, tenacious and scrappy entrepreneurs and have long known the fire burns in me as well. For the last 20 years I have helped other people bring their visions to life and prosperity.

Through this I have held various senior roles in venture capital, finance, operations, strategic planning and corporate development and have been involved in corporate development transactions and fundraising activities aggregating more than $500 million in value.

I was the first non-founding employee at DHX Media Ltd. and was an integral part of propelling the company from formation to IPO in just over two years, followed by fours years of a growth-by-acquisition strategy (raising capital to undertake accretive acquisitions). This included navigating various operational growth transitions and corporate development activities such as two private placements, two secondary offerings, a reverse take-over bid and six acquisitions and integrations.

While at Blackberry in Waterloo, Ontario, I was the finance business partner for senior management covering business development, strategic alliances and multimedia and helped them navigate their first revenue generating acquisition.

More recently, as the lead venture capital investor for ICT at Innovacorp, I have had the great fortune to experience the venture capital side of the table and work with amazing entrepreneurs while they pursue their vision.

This experience opened my eyes to the possible and reinvigorated my inner engineer and my love for technology. It also connected a lot of dots in my life and fueled a burning need to create, build and scale my own company.

In my new role, Entrepreneur in Residence, with Innovacorp, I will have the amazing opportunity to test and hopefully realize this while continuing to work with a handful of the companies I invested in.

On a more important note, I am a mother of two curious, relentless, loving, too-smart-for-their-own-good children, Orion (6) and Avery (4). Orion is a born engineer and can drive and control just about anything that can move and has been able to from a very young age. Avery is our artist and is obsessed with color. She has an uncanny knack for taking well-framed photographs that really capture the essence and emotion of the moment.

As a mother who loves her family AND is driven to build and create a purpose- and profit-driven company that contributes positively to the world, I will be building something that matters to them. The dots must continue to connect.

I am passionate about:

  • Showing children and adolescents what STEM really means and how exciting it is outside of the classroom
  • Teaching my children to respect others, indulge their curiosities and the love of learning
  • Supporting and encouraging females in tech and females in general
  • The outdoors – kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and gardening
  • Continuous learning – directly or through others
  • Getting lost in a book with a cup of tea
  • Anything startup or technology related

I would love to talk with educators, engineers, parents, kids, technologists and makers to talk about the cross section of getting meaningful technology into the hands of kids. Please reach out! LinkedIn Twitter

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